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By Barbara

Working with superstar designer Phillipe Starck, the Lee Design team was tasked with coming up with a noise reduction design plan to increase guests satisfaction. When thinking about acoustical management the first thing that comes to mind is ugly panels that are obtrusive and stick out like sore thumbs. While they work great, they are in no way acceptable for a high level design project.

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Our team had to think outside of the box on this one an come up with ways to shift sound direction, and absorb deflected sounds as best as we could. Our goal was to achieve a sound level of 85db or under and our plan is well on its way of accomplishing that goal.


Noise reduction management is a unique tool that we offer here at Lee Design and Interiors. If your space is in need of a sound consultant feel free to give us a call. We are here ready to help when you need us! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, Miami and abroad for over 35 years!