Restaurant Renovation; VA, MD, DC – Interior Design, Construction, Architecture

By Barbara

Welcome to 2017! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends and have begun the new year with much success! Here at Lee Design we find ourselves taking on many first time restaurateurs as clients. Their unrivaled enthusiasm is contagious and we do everything we can within our power to lead them in the right direction. Our most successful clients in this sector all have one thing in common, they take over an existing restaurant and renovate rather than building everything from new for their first foray into restaurants. While the idea of having all shiny new kitchen equipment is fantastic many first timers don’t realize the cost of acquiring and of course installing them. While selecting a existing restaurant space is by no means a slam dunk or guaranteed direction of success, every keen restauranteur and business person knows a good deal when it comes by them. When involved in restaurant renovation projects we undertake quite a bit of investigative work to ensure anything that is already installed will not fail. Then of course the design and front of house is the same procedure as with any commercial project. Its a process as with anything but often times saves the clients a significant portion of money. Take a look at some pictures from a recent restaurant renovation we undertook.

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