Spring is on its way, get ready for some BBQ! Interior Design, Architecture, Construction VA, MD, DC

We’re holding our breath here at the office in hopes of no more snow storms for the year. As I write this the forecast is calling for high 60, even 70 degree temperatures for the remainder of the week. That sounds mighty fine to us. Given the high temperatures, it has us all thinking about firing up the grills and having a fun cookout with friends.


While not as common as other projects we take on, we’ve done a few outdoor kitchen spaces in our time. Much like any other area in your home understanding the functionality and purpose of the space will be sure to create a wonderful environment in the end. Be considerate of the type of cooking you will be doing and of course the types of events if any that will be held in the space. Outdoor cooking spaces have greatly evolved in the last few years and now the chef can have any options he or she may desire in their outdoor space. Refrigeration, water, and of course multiple cooking surfaces are all within the realm of possibility.


Also when designing the outdoor cooking space be sure to incorporate the design of the space into the greater plan of your home. This outdoor area can have seating, unique cooking elements (like this pizza oven), spaces for live entertainment or television sets, or even a highlight of a great view. Your dreams are all possible when planning a outdoor cooking space.



When you’re ready to start planning your outdoor cooking area give us a call. We will be happy to discuss options with you and get you set in the right direction to make your home that absolute castle you have dreamed about! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving DC, MD, VA and abroad for over 35 years!